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Tourism in Aswan

Tourism in Aswan | The most famous tourist places in Aswan

Tourism in Aswan

Visitors have been accepting tourism in Egypt for decades, as its distinguished location gave it the convergence of the continents of the ancient world, Asia, Africa and Europe through it And if we say that Egypt has countless monuments, tourism in Aswan includes many of these monuments and more than historical monuments.

Although the features of ancient Egypt are completely different from any historical monuments in the whole world, they are not the remains of buildings, palaces or temples, but rather it is a complete civilization whose temples are still in full splendour and splendour.

Tourism in Aswan is not only ancient monuments, but there are many important Aswan landmarks, and the shining sun of Aswan is the most important feature of this charming city, where European tourists come to seek warmth from the frost of their country in the winter, and also medical tourism flourishes in Aswan as well as recreational, and there are reserves The natural scenery, the great waterfalls and the High Dam symbolize the struggle and success of the Egyptian people for development and prosperity, in addition to the cruise trips in Aswan.

Tourism in Aswan

The most important landmarks of Aswan:

And now it’s our time to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Aswan, so let’s go.

Abu Simbel Temples

The temples of Abu Simbel are considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Aswan, and the temples are currently located west of Lake Nasser, the largest artificial lake in the world, but that was not the original site of the temples, as the waters of the great Nile River flooded that site after diverting the course of the river during the construction of the High Dam.

UNESCO with the support of the countries of the world dismantled these temples and moved them towards the west to their current location.

These temples were built by King Ramses II in 1244 BC. The great temple is dedicated to him and is topped by 4 huge statues of the king, and at its feet, there are small statues representing the king’s sons, his wife, and his mother.

The temple witnesses two important events that are repeated every year and attract thousands of tourists to watch the sun passes over the face of the king’s statue in the Holy of Holies, namely the king’s birthday and the day of his coronation on the throne.

As for the small temple, it is dedicated to Queen Nefertari, the wife of King Ramses, and to the worship of the goddess Hathor, and its design is similar to the design of the large temple. These temples are a picture of the greatness of the ancient Egyptians and their abilities in design and ingenious engineering implementation, which is still a mystery that baffles scholars until now.

Temple of Philae, Aglika Island

The Philae Temple is one of the most beautiful and most important tourist attractions in Aswan, and it has great popularity and attractiveness in the world.

It was saved from drowning by the UNESCO initiative during the construction of the High Dam in the sixties of the last century, and it was transferred from Philae Island to Agilika Island, south of Lake Nasser.

The process of rescuing the temples is very complex and took nearly 9 years, in which a large number of countries of the world participated, and advanced technological methods were used.

The construction of the temple dates back to the third century BC for the worship of the god Isis, then the Greek, Roman and Byzantine eras followed it, as each era left its own stamp on the walls of the temple, where the visitor sees many huge columns, and murals with wonderful drawings.

As for reaching the temple, it will be through an amazing boat trip in the Nile River, in which dozens of pictures of the charming landscapes are taken.

The High Dam

The High Dam is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Aswan, and this huge building is beside the grandeur and importance of its design. world in the twentieth century.

The importance of the High Dam is due to its role in protecting the country from the massive floods of the Nile River, which threatened the country every year and flooded hundreds of villages.

 Flood water to be the largest artificial lake known to man, to release water as much through openings in the body of the dam, like an industrial waterfall that runs dozens of turbines to generate electricity, from which it runs dozens of factories and illuminates hundreds of villages.

Therefore, it was not surprising that the High Dam was one of the tourist places in Aswan that the tourist seeks to learn about the greatest human achievement that took place during the twentieth century, and the scenery that surrounds it of great magnificence, and a visit to the dam can be combined with a visit to the Temple of Philae on the island of Agilika.

Unfinished obelisk | Tourism in Aswan

The missing obelisk is located in the southern part of the Egyptian quarries and is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Aswan.

The obelisk was carved during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut, as most of the obelisks were established in her era, but a crack appeared in the obelisk’s body, which led to the cessation of its completion to remain a lasting effect on the ground.

Visitors can see many engravings of animals and birds carved on the walls of the obelisk and take a lot of memorial photos.

Nubian Museum | Tourism in Aswan

Tamar tourism in Egypt multiple patterns spectacularly, and perhaps the proof of that is reported to the Nubian Museum, which is one of the most tourist attractions in Aswan distinctive and popular with tourists the world, this museum displays a special aspect is very important and ancient Nubian civilization, which Takht with the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The Egyptian architect, Mahmoud Al-Hakim, excelled in its implementation. He faithfully conveyed the authentic Nubian spirit and the vocabulary of life in it in a way that astonished the world, using the surrounding environmental rocks, and was inspired by prehistoric caves with their primitive inscriptions, and models of the Nubian house with its artistic touches, inscriptions and bright colours.

He was also keen on the presence of touches from the different civilizations that it passed through, as the minaret expresses the Islamic civilization, and the many collectables that shed light on the life of the ancient Nubians, such as pottery pots, small statues of burnt silt, and many coins and bronze pots, and the ancient Nubian civilization is still of interest. Researchers in many countries of the world.

Kom Ombo Temple

The Kom Ombo Temple was built on the banks of the Nile, to worship the gods Horus the Great and Sobek. For a group of statues that have a special sanctity for the ancient Egyptians, and next to the temple there is a museum that includes many mummified crocodiles and coffins.

What distinguishes this landmark in addition to its historical position and represents one of the factors that attract tourism in Aswan as well, is the way to reach this temple, which is done by sailing on Nile cruises to reach it with all the beauty of nature and the splendour of the scenes that the tourist passes through, which deserves registration through Memorial shots.

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