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A list of the 13 best restaurants in Turkey for 2022

Turkey is a land of great food. The cuisine here is a delicious mix of Ottoman Central Asian and Middle Eastern influences. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal. And with so many options you’re sure to find something to your taste. 
Turkey best restaurants Istanbul
restaurants in Turkey

restaurants in Turkey

As one of the world’s most diversified culinary regions, Turkey is home to a plethora of excellent dining restaurants. However, figuring out where to dine in this nation might be difficult due to the wide variety of cuisines available, each of which is unique to its area.
The good news is that Istanbul doesn’t have the greatest restaurants in Turkey. We’ve included Turkish restaurants from all throughout Turkey, so no matter where you are or what you’re craving, you’ll be able to find something delicious on our list. Whether it’s the Aegean or South-Eastern region of our wonderful nation, there is undoubtedly a superb restaurant waiting for travelers like yourself!

best restaurants in Turkey for 2022

 Fear not! This blog article will help you make your selection much simpler by highlighting 13 restaurants around Turkey that are worth checking out for their great cuisine and outstanding service.

1. Ferdi Baba Restaurant, Alaçatı

Some of the best restaurants in Turkey may be found in the sleepy village of Alaçat, which is frequented by celebrities and the well-to-do.
One of these restaurants is Ferdi Baba; imagine you wanted to eat your way through an aquarium but wanted your meals to have the same distinct tastes that other dishes get to have. This location is one of the top seafood restaurants.
Ferdi Baba offers delicious delicacies such as the seafood kokoreç (Deniz mahsullü kokoreç) with its aromatic cumin-heavy scent and mustard flavored anchovies (Hardallı Hamsi).
Even the sweets are out of this world. Souffles like raspberry (frambuazl süfle) or almond honey (bal badam) explode in your mouth like a kiss from a sweetheart.
This restaurant is one of the greatest in Turkey because of the stunning views of the Aegean Sea, the delicious cuisine, and the exceptional service.

2. Seki Restaurant, Cappadocia

Seki is housed inside the world-famous hotel Argos Cappadocia. One of the world’s oldest and most impressive monasteries houses an award-winning Turkish restaurant, which serves up traditional Turkish cuisine.
From the minute you enter Seki, it’s evident that this is more than just another place to dine. The menu offers something for everyone with selections ranging from slow-cooked meats to handcrafted pasta, all of which are produced utilizing local ingredients in some form or another!
The Mushroom fettuccini pasta served at Seki is unparalleled. The gorgeous decor is as charming as the cuisine on offer. Crispy duck leg with prune marmalade, grilled figs, and sour cherry sauce will make you see why. Even if you’re not a gourmet, you’ll lose out if you don’t sample the charbroiled veggie tray. You’ll be able to thank us for this afterward.

3. 7 Mehmet, Antalya

For an all-day gastro feast or just a late breakfast or brunch with great views, this is the place to go. There’s a full bar and a great range of breakfast dishes as well as appetizers and main entrees.
Yumurta, the Turkish word for “egg,” is used to describe a range of egg-based foods. These include the spicy, garlicky Sucuklu yumurta, the minced beef kamal yumurta, and the sour Menemen.
You have the meze classics, and then you have inspiring tweaks such as the acılı haydari cevizli; rich tzatziki with a touch of crisp walnuts and seductive spice. The Lahaina sarma (stuffed cabbage) is out of this world. We’ve barely scratched the surface.
When you do come, don’t forget the main meals and specials. Avocado salad (avocado karma Salata) with seasonal greens, avocado, and cauliflower, as well as a zesty lemon and olive oil sauce, can be a good option. To add insult to injury, you may come to regret not trying the famous tandoori goat (oak tender), which is served with sweet bergamot jam and rice flavored with pineapple and almonds.

4. Platoda Mola, Rize

This location is not just ideal for a fairy-tale getaway into the country; it also happens to be one of the top restaurants in Turkey for a taste of Black Sea cuisine. Your hosts will prepare delectable meals using items from their poultry, garden, or raw milk.
The menu features a variety of delectables, including freshly baked bread, homemade jams, and adorable cookies (kurabiye). If the hot tea does not sufficiently warm your spirit, the traditional Turkish food may. The stuffed black cabbage (kara Lahaina sarmas), the assortment of pastries (böreks), the melasma (melted regional cheese with cornflour), and the colorful stewed white bean dish (kuru fasulye) will transport you to another world.
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5. Turk Fatih Tutak, Istanbul

It would be unjust to call Fatih Tutak, the legendary Turkish chef, anything other than “world-class.” This restaurant is popular in the modern restaurant scene because of its ever-changing, seasonal cuisine. It is Tutak’s outstanding service and inventive approach to local food. It is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul.
While the cuisine at Turk Fatih Tutak isn’t typical, if you’re fortunate, you could get to eat the persimmon with buffalo cream (connect humans, mandala karma).
This restaurant has only been operating for a little over two years, but Tutak’s expertise in working with some of the world’s top chefs has made it one of Turkey’s best dining destinations, and it’s only grown better since then.

6. Kebapçı Halil Usta, Gaziantep

Gaziantep is Turkey’s culinary center, and it is from this city that many renowned Turkish cuisines can be found all over the globe. Baklava, içli köfte, shish kebab, lahmacun, beyran, and even katmer are just a few examples of Gaziantep’s culinary contributions to the globe!
There are many wonderful restaurants in Gaziantep, but Halil Usta is our selection for this list of Turkey’s top restaurants.
This diner is a carnivore’s heaven, because of the big quantities, high-quality lamb meat, and reasonable costs.
Begin with the küşleme, fatless and nerveless meat obtained from the sheep’s neck, which is sliced into tiny pieces and roasted over charcoal. Only 100 grams of Küşleme meat may be discovered in a complete sheep. Then sample the luscious “simit kebab,” a local favorite.

7. Deniz Restaurant, Izmir

Deniz Restaurant in Izmir, Turkey’s third-largest city, specializes in Aegean cuisine and fresh local fish. There are three tasting menus available at this restaurant, all of which focus on international cuisine. These restaurants, together with the sardalya dolmas, the Deniz mahsüllü keep, and the “sea pastry” (Deniz börek), might easily designate this restaurant as one of the greatest in Turkey. This fish meatball (Deniz köftesi) is a perfect complement to the raki, and we’re surprised it’s not more well-known in Turkey.
The great service offered by the three brothers in charge is well-known to residents and visitors alike, with tables available for reserving ahead.

8. Orfoz Restaurant, Bodrum

As one of Turkey’s top tourist spots, Bodrum is a must-see. With its stunning beaches, crystal blue water, exhilarating nightlife, and world-class restaurants, it’s no surprise that this coastal city draws superyachts, cruises, and worldwide superstars.
Orfoz stands out among Bodrum’s top dining restaurants. It’s easy to see why Orfoz is routinely listed as one of Turkey’s best eating destinations, what with the breathtaking vistas and delectable cuisine!
The progressive tasting menu at Orfoz is one of the greatest in Turkey. Extras are available, but the main courses are more than filling enough on their own. A sunset meal of parmesan oysters (parmesan stride) and the award-winning sparkling Kavaklidere Altn köpük wine is nothing short of magical.
Even though it sounds bad, the handmade chocolate is really rather good. Dieters will appreciate how tasty the local fruits are, so much so that they may be dubbed “dieters’ cheerleaders.”

9. Mikla, Istanbul

Mike has been defining and pioneering Istanbul’s fine-dining scene for over 15 years. The restaurant is still on everyone’s list of the greatest restaurants to visit in Istanbul because of its inventive meals and fantastic environment, which never sacrifices quality or innovation!
Mehmet Gürs, the chef-owner, dazzles with every item on the menu! Can we just talk about the Turkish ravioli served here for a second? The sweetness comes from the roasted garlic. When combined with the smoked buffalo yogurt, this dish reaches new heights that others have yet to achieve.
Furthermore, the restaurant generously accommodates persons with various dietary restrictions. The Pumpkin and Celeriac dish is so delicious that it may persuade you to become vegan. After you’ve finished dining, go to the rooftop bar to listen to live music. the bar offers both domestic and imported options. Furthermore, at sunset, the Istanbul skyline, which includes the Golden Horn and Hagia Sophia, is breathtaking.

10. Floryalı Restaurant, Izmir

Imagine being able to order just the finest organic meats from a restaurant’s menu. This restaurant is perfect for you if that’s your idea of a good time. Along with your kebabs and grills, enjoy the night in merriment with a drink of rakı with wonderful views from the terrace. The çoban salad, with its vibrant tomatoes, green cucumbers, olives, and creamy cheese, is a must-have for every dinner. It’s also possible to add a hint of lemon flavor if you so choose. Simply point and pick instead of trying to remember everyone’s names.

11. Maçakızı, Bodrum

Aret Sahakyan, an Istanbul native, treats every meal, even granola, as a piece of art. Sahakyan is recognized for painting with food and delivering only the freshest organic products.
Maçakz’s vibrant cuisine is unquestionably the best. Even before you taste the short ribs with wild Bodrum herbs, your mouth will wet! Maçakz’s cuisine is a perfumer’s dream, with intriguing local fragrances emanating from every dish.

12. Elia, Cappadocia

The Elia restaurant is in the fairy-tale land of Cappadocia, and it has one of the best views in the world. In this Ottoman-style restaurant, which is also Turkish and international fusion, even the wait for your food is a good thing.
Perhaps you’ll start with the rocket salad with the sweet but tart cherry sauce (vişne sold Roka Salata). They won’t look the same again. Smooth jazz will be paired with one of the best main dishes.
That could be the meat dishes, like the Beef Satay, which has sesame, soy sauce, and garlic flavors that make you want to eat more. If you want to go wild, you should try the poppy seeded salmon (haşhaşl soon Niagara) with its zingy and buttery sauce.

13. Neolokal, Istanbul

Neolokal’s purpose is to serve visitors and build a company that is based on tradition while also incorporating sustainable methods. The meal is created using recipes inspired by nature and traditional civilizations, and they’re testing them for authenticity to preserve this legacy alive via innovation. Neolokal is a neologism for “new” and “local,” so it’s no wonder that owner-chef Maksut Aşkar is passionately updating his mother’s traditional tastes.
This restaurant tucked away in a corner of Istanbul, has superb food and offers amazing views of the Golden Horn via its floor-to-ceiling windows. Sea bass with a wonderful confit garlic cream is our favorite dish here. The Frigo iced chocolate drizzled mahleb cake is a delicacy you’ll think about again and again in your fantasies.

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