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Top 8 restaurants in Istanbul to Visit in 2023

Istanbul offers a wide range of Turkish cuisine in a variety of well-established, good and fine restaurants in Istanbul. Istanbul also offers a wide range of international cuisines such as Mediterranean, Japanese, Italian, French, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese and Thai.

Istanbul offers a wide range of quality restaurants in all its neighbourhoods.

Top 8 restaurants in Istanbul to Visit in 2022
Best restaurants in Istanbul

Of course, we cannot mention here all the hundreds of world-class and quality restaurants in Istanbul, so we have compiled the best restaurants in turkey, Istanbul for you, as they are very popular and offer world-class service also as an award-winning variety of the best restaurants in the world.


Best restaurants in Istanbul

Spago & Restaurant – in Nisantasi

Located in the Nisantasi district, near Taksim, Spago is an iconic venue, where chef Wolfgang Puck maintains a pioneering role as a culinary force and gastronomic leader.

This rooftop restaurant and lounge combines excellent views of Macka Park and the Bosphorus with its unique contemporary design and lounge ambience. Spago offers a terrace that is open all year round.

Guests can enjoy ambient music and signature cocktails. This place is also a prime place to get to know celebrities in Istanbul. (Maybe too pricey for budget travellers)

Nicole Restaurant – in Beyoglu

Nikol Restaurant is located in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul and the name Nikol is inspired by the mother, Agnes Marthe Nikol, who treated many patients in this historic building that was used as a Franciscan monastery until the beginning of the 20th century.

The restaurant serves contemporary Mediterranean cuisine on an elegant terrace that offers great views of the historic peninsula of Istanbul, the Princes’ Islands and beyond.

Nikol’s wine cellar is impressive and includes local castle-style wine producers from the Aegean, Thracian and Anatolian regions as well as imported varieties.

Emporio Restaurant – in Besiktas

 Emporio Ristorante & Emporio Pizza Pasta is one of the most famous Italian restaurants and pizzerias in Istanbul.

They serve real Italian specialities with original recipes, quality ingredients and central locations, which they have collected all over Italy for years.  They have two branches, including Emporio Ristorante and Emporio Pizza Pasta in Akaretler.

They welcome their guests with the highest levels of service and meticulously serve up the most delicious examples of traditional and modern Italian cuisine.

Cube Lounge 360 ​​Sultanahmet

Queb Lounge 360 ​​Sultanahmet welcomes its guests with its delicious flavours accompanied by a panoramic view of Istanbul.

Queb Lounge serves as a restaurant cafe with a terrace (Byzantium Hotel) that offers wonderful panoramic views of the city and the Bosphorus, thanks to its location near the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

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Kinaliada Teos Beach Restaurant – Princes’ Islands

Teos Beach is a very popular beach club located in the Kinali Islands, one of the most beautiful islands in the Princes’ Islands.

Teos Beach Restaurant offers high-quality beach services and an excellent dining experience in its Greek-style restaurant, with its own menus, accompanied by the beautiful sea and clean sea views.

Teos Beach usually serves as a beach and restaurant during the day and offers evening entertainment.  The restaurant is known for its seafood menus and Turkish tapas, as well as an excellent culinary scene with Greek nights, live music, and entertainment.

Thai Chef Steakhouse Restaurant – in Cadibustan, Kadikoy

Taylan Chef Steakhouse is a famous restaurant located in Kadikoy, the Asian side of Istanbul. A restaurant is a cosy place where you will feel very comfortable and enjoy one of the best meat dishes in town.  Chef Taylan was awarded “Best Steak Brand of the Year 2019”.

Calipso Fish Restaurant – in Kukukale

Located on the coastal road of Kucukyali, on the Asian side of Istanbul, Calipso Fish Restaurant is an excellent fish restaurant whose partners have 30 years of experience in the art of seafood gastronomy.

The restaurant is known for its unique flavours that include carefully prepared Aegean herbs, cold and hot starters, hand-picked fish, fish and shellfish specialities in sauce, and an impressive selection of desserts and wines.

Calypso Fish also won the “Best 50 Oscars” by food lovers and food connoisseurs after its first year of opening.

Beyti – to Florya

Beyti is a very popular steakhouse designed in a modern architectural style and located in the residential area of ​​Florya near the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.

Bakirkoy district in Istanbul.  The restaurant is owned by Mr Petit Guler who is probably one of the first chefs to give a meat dish its name in Turkey because “petit” is a special meat dish.

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