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Your guide to The best restaurants in Turkey for 2022

When we enter any tourist place to visit, our first question is “what is the best to eat here?”  Will be. Then “Where is it better to eat?”  comes the question. This way, you don’t have to worry about choice and taste.  Below you can find a list of the best restaurants in Turkey.

Your guide to The best restaurants in Turkey for 2022
best restaurants in Turkey

The best restaurants in Turkey

Although this is a rather complicated topic, it is very difficult to determine the best topic.  Of course, choosing a restaurant among the options with different cuisines and services is not easy.  However, we have prepared a list full of the best ones for you. These Istanbul restaurants will not only serve you a meal but also give you a different culinary experience.

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Turkey look no further! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the best places to eat in Turkey. From traditional Turkish cuisine to modern fusion dishes there’s something for everyone. So start planning your trip and get ready to experience the best Turkish food!

Here is a list of the best restaurants in Turkey.

best restaurants in Turkey, Istanbul:

Mikla Restaurant

Mikla Restaurant;  Celebrity Chef Mehmet Güres is one of the most influential names in the Turkish restaurant industry. It draws attention not only with its 5-star worthy services but also with its innovative architecture. You can enjoy delicious dishes while enjoying a great view of the city. Also, it is best not to ignore their cocktails.  Highly recommend trying their signature cocktails.

New local Restaurant

Learn about the amazing work of Chef Maksut Achkar and his business partner Erim Lebecioglu.  Neolokal Restaurant, which deserves its name, serves you modern Turkish cuisine at its best. With its menu that changes every season, it keeps pace with the changing nature and offers fresh and high-quality service to its guests.

VUE Rooftop – Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy

Samet Güney, Executive Chef of Hyatt Regency Istanbul Ataköy has signed the unique menu for the VUE Rooftop. Reflecting the dynamic atmosphere of Istanbul, VUE Rooftop is a contemporary, lively and friendly lounge and restaurant located on the 17th floor of the hotel, offering indoor and outdoor seating with panoramic views of the Marmara Sea. it is designed for people to have a good time while enjoying  With great ‘steak’ flavours and unique ‘sushi’.

Top restaurants in turkey 

As in many other cities in Turkey, restaurants and cafes in Ankara often prepare food in a tandoor, a special oven common in the area.  Meat cooked in tandoor has an exceptional taste.

Of course, the vast majority of local bread is also baked in the tandoor.  Fans of nutritious food will simply fall in love with us tender, a popular national meat dish.

It usually takes several hours to cook meat in a special crockpot.  Thanks to this slow cooking, the meat becomes very tender and juicy.  Usually, it is served with mashed potatoes or rice.

Top restaurants in turkey


Mikla, owned by Mehmet Gürs, one of Turkey’s most famous chefs, is the only place with 4 pearls in the biblical gastronomy guide. Located on the terrace of The Marmara Pera, the restaurant offers modern tastes with roots in Anatolian cuisine.

new local

Chef Maksut Ashkar and his team work wonders at Neolokal, located in Bankalar Caddesi in Beyoğlu.  The Three Neolocal Bible motto begins with the sentence “We believe that those who do not know nor possess their traditions will have no future. To secure our future, our traditions must adapt to today’s conditions and be sustainable.”


Another place with 3 pearls in the Gastronomy Guide to the Bible is Chance.  Serving in the Levent district of Istanbul since 1992, Chance offers its guests seasonal flavours of Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. 


In Kilimanjaro, located in Bomontiada, Chef Mustafa Awtar offers his guests exquisite tastes of seasonal ingredients.  In Kilimanjaro, everything from bread to ketchup is made from natural products, and everything is produced in their own kitchen. Kilimanjaro is one of the restaurants that ranks third.


The “Gourmet Restaurant of Istanbul” Nicole is located inside the Tomtom Suites and takes its name from the historic building of Agnes Marthe Nicole. It is a pleasure to dine against the view of the islands at the Third Pearl Place, run by Chef Aylin Yazioglu.


Zuma Restaurant is located in İstinye Park Shopping Center and is also one of the addresses awarded with 3 Pearls of the Evangelical Gastronomy Guide. Zuma is one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to Asian cuisine.

you restaurant

Three Pearls Ent Restaurant is located in Bodrum, the holiday paradise of Turkey… Chef Yuldash Sonmez has prepared the menu with Anatolian, French and Mediterranean techniques. Let us remind you that a limited number of guests are accepted each evening in order not to compromise on the quality of service.

Best restaurants in Ankara

Your guide to The best restaurants in Turkey for 2022

Orant in Ankara

In Ankara there is a huge selection of restaurants, lovers of different culinary directions will find here a suitable place to rest. Cengiz Kaan Chinese Restaurant specializes in Taiwanese cuisine.

The restaurant hall is decorated with all the national traditions of this remote island.  These are sticks that are served to visitors as the main cutlery, but if you wish, you can ask the waiter to bring the usual knives and forks for Europeans.

Cengiz Kaan Chinese Restaurant has become a permanent place for important celebrations and gatherings.


In the city centre, there is a restaurant of national cuisine Tevfik Kis Pide, Kebap of its specialities is Turkish kebab with eggplant and Omer Pasha eggs.

In the daytime, the main visitors of the institution are employees of the neighbouring offices and tourists, and in the evening in the restaurant “Party People” the gathering begins, almost every day in Tevfik Kis  Pide, Kebap We organize exciting thematic parties.

Boğaziçi Lokantası Restaurant has been open for more than 50 years.  The basis of the menu consists of delicious national dishes, most of which are prepared from lamb.  The meat is stewed in cream, then baked in the oven with onions and roasted over an open fire.


Lovers of fish dishes will also be pleasantly surprised, as Kalbur Restaurant serves the most authentic Kalbur seafood dishes.  Although Kalpur specializes in preparing seafood, it has on its menu traditional Turkish kebabs.

A beautiful historical building houses Budakaltı Restaurant, where in addition to national dishes, visitors will be offered to order Italian dishes.  It is the vegetable salad with chicken and cheese that is especially popular among visitors.

Part of the restaurant’s tables is served in a beautiful garden.  Those who visit the restaurant in the spring, have a chance to see beautiful snowdrops in the garden.  Sushi and roll lovers will appreciate Wok Restaurant.

On the ground floor of the restaurant, there is cosy sushi, where couples like to meet in the evening.  In the evenings there are musical performances in the restaurant, and on weekends on the terrace there are discos.

In the city, restaurants are serving Mediterranean cuisine, the most famous of which is Trilye Restaurant.

National cuisine

Restaurants of national cuisine in Ankara offer many interesting dishes that have already become the casual wear of local residents.

The vegetarian minimum omelette is one such dish.  Locals love to eat it in the morning.  Interestingly, vegetables are the main ingredient in this omelette, while eggs are very rare.

Menin is usually served with fresh bread.  Many local restaurants offer their own recipes for this popular dish.

The best restaurants in Antalya

A popular summer vacation destination in Turkey, Antalya offers the full package – gorgeous beaches, traces of Ottoman history, and great restaurants catering to the most diverse and sophisticated tastes.  Dining at this seaside resort is a culinary adventure that serves not only the best Turkish dishes but also international cuisine. Our curated guide explores the ten best restaurants in Antalya.

Your guide to The best restaurants in Turkey for 2022

Vanilla Lounge

Just five minutes from one of Antalya’s old city landmarks, Hadrian’s Gate, Vanilla Lounge describes an unconventional encounter between its contemporary cuisine and the traditional Ottoman architecture that surrounds the restaurant.

Run by a British chef and his Turkish wife, Vanilla Lounge is a great place to sample a rich selection of international dishes.  The menu features the freshest ingredients and is a blend of traditional and modern cooking techniques with enticing dishes such as pumpkin-coconut and lemongrass soup, wild mushroom tagliatelle or succulent beef ribs.

eraser fine dining

Seraser Fine Dining is located in the historical centre of Antalya, in a 300-year-old house, and is one of the finest restaurants in the city.

Committed to providing guests with an unforgettable experience for all five senses, Seracer takes full advantage of its stunning decor featuring carvings, handcrafted furnishings, and authentic motifs.  Live piano music and a beautiful Mediterranean garden add to the benefits that come with dining here.

The rich menu, featuring international and Turkish recipes, completes the experience with highlights such as homemade pasta, beef with gorgonzola sauce, sea bass wrapped in wine leaves, and tempting desserts.

Castle Cafe

Offering a wonderful panorama of the Gulf of Antalya, Castle Café is a great place for those who want to contemplate the great outdoors while enjoying delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

Located in the old town of Antalya, on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the sea, Castle Café is a trendy spot known for its ambience and good service, and an ideal stopover during hot summer days.  The menu is a Mediterranean menu with different choices of pasta and delicious snacks.

Big Chefs Restaurant & Cafe

Big Chefs is a well-known restaurant brand in Turkey with 18 locations in six cities across the country, including Antalya.

The place was first opened in Ankara in 2007 and has since become a favourite restaurant for locals and tourists alike.

The menu of the chefs is rich and surprising with a variety of Turkish and international dishes.  Visitors have many tempting options to consider among a wide range of delicious local recipes and hearty breakfast buffets.

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