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Tourism in Egypt

Tourism in Egypt | The most beautiful tourist places 2023

Tourism in Egypt is one of the best things to do in 2023, Egypt is one of the most popular tourist
destinations in the world and for good reason With its awe-inspiring
pyramids and temples rich history and beautiful beaches.

Tourism in Egypt | The most beautiful tourist places in Egypt 2022
tourism in Egypt

tourism in Egypt

Egypt, the land of the ancient pharaohs, is a spectacular destination with temples and tombs that astonish visitors. When visiting Egypt, tourists can see more than just historical marvels. There is something for everyone here, with large stretches of desert, wonderful diving spots, and the famous Nile River.

Beachgoers flock to Sinai to soak up the sun, while archeology buffs flock to Luxor for a field day. Cairo is a metropolis unlike any other in Egypt, while the oasis of Siwa and the southern town of Aswan provide a glimpse of the country’s slower pace.

In this post, we have compiled a list of the most essential aspects of tourism in Egypt, which contains many attractions for various forms of tourist, such as beaches and Pharaonic monuments.

the cost of tourism in Egypt 2023:

A week-long medium-cost tourist trip in Egypt for two individuals costs around $845 USD, which covers lodging, meals, transportation, and sightseeing but excludes flight tickets.

  • Lunch costs begin at $6 USD per person.
  • Hotel rates for two persons for one night start at $9 USD.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Egypt 2023

1. Cairo

Cairo is one of the world’s major cities. It’s as beautiful as it is bizarre, and it’s steeped in history. Cairo is a city that both attracts and repels visitors.

Its deafening noise, pollution, and insane traffic are an assault on the senses, yet look behind the present hustling and bustling and you’ll uncover a centuries-old history.

Cairo is a vibrant city where you may experience life on the Egyptian street. No journey to Egypt is complete without a stop in Cairo, which the Arabs refer to as the “Mother of the World” since it is Egypt’s indisputable tourist crown gem.

2. Sharm el-Sheikh:

Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharm El Sheikh is the Sinai Peninsula’s biggest tourist attraction and one of the world’s greatest diving locations.

The underwater beauties of the Red Sea, particularly the waters of the Ras Mohammed marine park to the south of the city, have helped to establish the city of “Sharm” as one of Egypt’s top tourist attractions, with diving and snorkeling attracting thousands of visitors each year.

This is also one of the greatest places in Egypt to simply relax on the beach, and it is especially popular for family vacations owing to the superb amenities available.

Sharm El Sheikh is a terrific choice for a beach trip after touring the country’s temples and tombs, whether you’re here for the sand or the aquatic life.

3. Hurghada:

Hurghada is Egypt’s oldest and most well-known resort. Offshore, the fascinating Red Sea world of coral and fish life is what initially drew worldwide attention to Hurghada, but it was only a matter of time until the modest fishing village became a resort town directly servicing Egypt’s tourism.

This is a great winter vacation for Northern Europeans (who make up the majority of Hurghada’s tourism flow), with white sand beaches and beautiful sky all year.

While beach leisure is Hurghada’s major draw, those seeking adventure will find plenty of opportunities both on and off the ocean.

4. Luxor City


Luxor lies at the top of Egypt’s tourism pyramid, especially for admirers of Pharaonic antiquities, because to its vast collection of temples and tombs. This was the location of ancient Thebes, the great metropolis of the Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom pharaohs, who began building the gigantic tombs securely buried amid a rocky valley on the West Bank by blanketing the banks of the Nile with massive construction activity.

The majestic Karnak temple complex is a testament to their ambition, but there are so many ruins here that you could easily spend a week simply admiring the beauty and majesty.

5. Giza City:

Before you arrive, you’ll have seen a thousand images of the Pyramids of Giza, but nothing compares to getting up up and personal with these ancient wonders.

These ancient kings’ tombs, guarded by the placid Sphinx, are Egypt’s most renowned and brilliant structure, and have astonished observers for ages.

Spending time in one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions is an essential part of any trip to Egypt. These massive structures, inadvertently placed on the outskirts of Cairo’s suburban sprawl, pay respect to Egypt’s pharaonic emperors‘ might and ambition.

6. Dahab Village:

Dahab is located on the Sinai Peninsula’s eastern coast. It is a tiny Bedouin village where fishing is the major source of income. The community has lately grown in popularity as a result of the construction of several hotels and resorts along its coastlines, and it has become a popular swimming and diving destination.

Dahab may be modest in comparison to the major tourist destinations, but it should still be on your list of places to visit in Egypt.

You will not be bored for a second in Dahab! Dahab offers a diverse range of activities, from resting on the beach to mountain climbing and desert safaris. Many activities are based on nature and culture.

7. Alexandria:

Alexander the Great created it, and Queen Cleopatra governed it. The names of renowned historical personalities appeared in the city’s founding and early history.

Once upon a time, this was the Mediterranean’s crown gem. The Great Library of Alexandria is located here, as is the gigantic Pharos Lighthouse, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

From the late nineteenth century through the 1950s, Alexandria was home to an extraordinary array of writers, poets, and painters.

Alexandria, more than any other Egyptian city, has an unmistakably romantic atmosphere and is one of Egypt’s most popular tourist attractions for beach and swimming enthusiasts.

8. Aswan Governorate:

Aswan, which stretches along the Nile’s banks, is a laid-back and welcoming city that provides a welcome respite if you’ve just arrived from Luxor or bustling Cairo.

The city was an ideal location for touring the temples and monuments in the southern areas of Upper Egypt, as well as the numerous Nubian cultures in the region, once ancient Egypt reached Africa.

The best way to appreciate Aswan’s allure is to board a felucca (traditional sailboat) and take a tour of the city from the river that formerly served as a major commerce hub.

On the West Bank, the river is lined with islands where Nubian communities constructed of mud may be seen, surrounded by vast sand dunes.

Everything here is extremely wonderful, especially after twilight, when the river narrows and hundreds of sailing feluccas make their way into the sea. When it comes to tourism in Egypt, it is a fascinating place that mixes nature and history.

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9. Siwa Oasis:

Siwa Oasis
Siwa Oasis
In the center of the barren Siwa Desert, the Siwa Oasis provides a lifeline for approximately 25,000 people who rely on a fresh water supply.

Siwa Oasis is best described as a sliver of paradise in the middle of the desert, and it is just that. Sparkling fresh water springs dot the city, overflowing with water, olive trees, and shaded paths.

This historic city is a time capsule. Donkey carts and mud dwellings can be seen along ancient highways and on the outskirts of the desert.

It’s not simple to get to this shattered village, but your efforts will be rewarded with breathtaking vistas. Many consider it to be one of Egypt’s most attractive tourist spots.

10. Port Said:

Port Said
Port Said

Port Said, which was built in conjunction with the Suez Canal, served as a vital commerce hub for the region. The city used to be filled of concealed stores, as is typical of a major port city. The city’s huge collapsing structures now attract visitors.

Walk along the Suez Canal’s grandiose waterfront boulevard, which transports your head to a world of magnificent ergonomics. If you want to venture out on the water, you may board the canal’s sole passenger ship and take in the sights of Port Said, one of Egypt’s most stunning tourist destinations.

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