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luxurious restaurants in Egypt

Your guide to the best and most luxurious restaurants in Egypt

Your guide to the best and most luxurious restaurants in Egypt
the best restaurants in Egypt

 Cairo combines the past and the present, combining the ancient Giza pyramids with modern high-rise buildings, in the Middle East’s largest and most populous capital, the city that never sleeps, you will find everything you need as a tourist to enjoy your trip, especially when it comes to food.

Cairo has luxurious restaurants that will impress you with their diverse international dishes, you may enjoy a romantic night overlooking the Nile or you may prefer a sophisticated night.

Best of Cairo restaurants

Zitouni Restaurant

Zitouni Restaurant
Zitouni Restaurant

The Four Seasons Nile Plaza Cairo has some of Cairo’s greatest restaurants serving Egyptian and Arabic cuisine. With exquisite decor and outstanding service, the restaurant offers customers a calm session overlooking the Nile.

 Breakfast is served from 6 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., followed by lunch and dinner from 12:30 p.m. to midnight. For breakfast, there are various egg dishes, labneh, fruits and pastries, as well as hot drinks; for lunch or dinner, there are various dishes from the heart of Egyptian cuisine, such as molokhia dish with chicken, Fattah and grilled and meat dishes with vegetables, as well as various seafood dishes; and for dessert, there are Umm Ali, pudding, cream caramel, and chocolate cake.

Saigon Restaurant & Lounge

Saigon Restaurant  Lounge
Saigon Restaurant  Lounge
This restaurant is also located in the Fairmont Nile City Hotel, and it provides a unique experience because it is one of the few luxury restaurants in Cairo that serves a variety of Asian dishes, Indian and Malaysian dishes, and delicious dishes from various Asian countries all in one location, and the dishes are prepared by Cairo’s best chefs.

In addition to enormous windows that directly view the Nile, the restaurant lounge offers a variety of cold drinks and musical performances on guitar and violin.

Le Pacha 1901 Restaurants

Le Pacha 1901
Le Pacha 1901
Built-in 1901, the Le Pasha ship is a true floating palace that moors in the Nile’s waters in front of the island of “Al-Jazirah,” and is now a tourist attraction known for its unusual eateries.

The first is an Italian restaurant called “Piccolo Mondo,” while the second is a French restaurant called “Le Pasha.” The third restaurant is Johnny’s Pub, the fourth is L’Asiatique, which serves Asian cuisine, and the fifth is the Egyptian restaurant, Le Tarbouche-Akl Zaman.

You can also take pleasure in With an outdoor session at Carlo’s café, where you can smoke hookah with its various tastes while enjoying the air and breezes of the Nile.

Maharaja Indian Restaurant

Maharaja Indian Restaurant
Maharaja Indian Restaurant
The restaurant serves numerous Indian meals with authentic Indian spices, such as chicken sambousek, charcoal-grilled fish fillet, maharaja kebab and lentil soup, marinated prawns, grilled chicken with herbs, and shahi murg in a distinct Indo-Egyptian environment (marinated chicken with cashew sauce).

This is in addition to the variety of basmati rice dishes available, which include biryani dishes with meat, poultry, veggies, or seafood cooked with Indian spices. There are plenty of vegetarian cuisines to choose from, as well as Indian desserts such as coconut ice cream and gulab jamun.

The view restaurant

The view restaurant
The view restaurant
Everything is wonderful in this restaurant, from the modest decoration to the kind, prompt, and competent care to the varied buffet, especially when it comes to sweets, which you can see from the windows of the Holiday Inn Hotel in Maadi.

The restaurant has a direct view of the Nile and distant views of the Pyramids of Giza, and the pricing is moderate and acceptable in comparison to the services given and the quality of the food. The restaurant is open all day and is located on the first level of the hotel structure.

The most famous restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is a tourist and recreational city, but it is also one of the most important and best tourist cities in the world, with a unique climate, nature, hotels, and beaches, as well as a peaceful atmosphere; this has made it a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, especially during the summer and holiday seasons, when it is visited by many and is considered the best option compared to others; So, when you’re in Sharm El Sheikh, we’ll show you the best restaurants there are, and you may choose what suits you best:

luxurious restaurant in Sharm E-Sheikh
luxurious restaurant in Sharm E-Sheikh

Ship Restaurant The Floating Restaurant

It is a distinctive and unique floating restaurant in Sharm El Sheikh that offers guests a one-of-a-kind dining experience where they can enjoy the most delectable cuisine and high-quality service while taking in the beautiful scenic views that make you happy and offers a series of distinctive kitchens serving all types of fresh and high-quality seafood.

The most famous dishes include lobster and prawns, as well as grilled fish cooked with fresh ingredients, as well as artistic and entertaining performances every evening.

Ship Restaurant The Floating Restaurant
Ship Restaurant The Floating Restaurant

Damascene restaurant

Al-Dimashqi Restaurant is regarded as one of the greatest restaurants in the city, serving both popular fast food and traditional Syrian cuisine. Pastries and salads, as well as a variety of hot and cold drinks and fresh juices

Dinars Restaurant

The restaurant serves a wide variety of delicious meals and grills, as well as a wide selection of salads and soups, as well as the most delectable Egyptian desserts, as well as many popular traditional dishes, seafood, and delectable appetizers, making it one of Sharm El Sheikh’s greatest grill restaurants.

It also serves unusual and creative foods that you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s ideal for families looking to spend a beautiful day in an intimate setting during their tourist vacations.

Casa Mia

Casa Mia, which is located in the Sultan Gardens Resort Sharm El Sheikh, serves some of the best Italian meat meals, as well as cheeses, pickled vegetables, and olives.

Pizza and pasta are also excellent options in the restaurant, making it one of the best pizzerias in Sharm El Sheikh.

It also has traditional Italian décor, making guests feel as if they are dining in Italy. Guests can also enjoy a great view of the on-site waterfall as well as a variety of surrounding landscapes.

Arabesque Restaurant

This restaurant is located within the Four Seasons Hotel and provides its guests with a one-of-a-kind dining experience featuring a blend of Egyptian, Lebanese, and Moroccan cuisine, all while being surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes and distinctive decorations inspired by the authentic oriental style.

Middle Eastern appetizers, Moroccan tagines, and other Arabic specialities are among the best items on the menu that we recommend you try.

The best restaurants in Hurghada

Tours have a distinct flavour, which is tied to the allure of the location in terms of weather, tourist attractions, and entertainment, as well as tourist resorts, hotels, and marketplaces, but the most essential item that leaves a lasting impression is the food.

If you have never visited Hurghada or are going to do so, we would be delighted to take you on an open tour of the city, introducing you to the best restaurants in Hurghada, where you can eat without fear, as well as their locations and rates.

Al Halqa fish restaurant

The Al-Halaqa Fish and Seafood Restaurant is located in the Hurghada Department, near the El Mina Mosque. The restaurant is open from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. and is regarded as one of Hurghada’s greatest seafood restaurants.

The restaurant has a beautiful architectural style, and one of the most important factors that helped it get to the top of the list of Hurghada’s greatest restaurants is its unique position near the El Mina Mosque.

It is an excellent opportunity for visitors to become acquainted with the magnificence of Islamic architectural design and to view Islam from new and varied perspectives.

And the cuisine in the establishment is more than satisfactory, both in terms of service and variety of food and meals, as well as cleanliness and reasonable costs.

It is suitable for families and groups, including children and university students, and it features wheelchair-accessible areas and services, making it one of Hurghada’s greatest restaurants.

The Lodge Restaurant

The Lodge, a well-known restaurant in Hurghada’s Marina district, is one of the best and most popular mid-priced and good-food eateries in the city.

This restaurant delivers Western and international cuisine to those who wish to sample new and different foods at the highest level. It also specializes in high-quality, delicious seafood, which has helped it stand out by offering a diverse selection of dishes.

Surprisingly, The Lodge restaurant also serves a variety of charcoal-grilled meat dishes, as well as nicely prepared refreshing drinks and juices.

You may eat at The Lodge restaurant, which is one of Hurghada’s cheapest eateries and is vegetarian-friendly. It also has the benefit of giving some entertainment, such as the sauce night that the establishment hosts every Saturday, so go see what it’s all about.

Bordiehns Restaurant

The Bordiehns Restaurant is in Hurghada’s Sekala neighbourhood, on the Corniche Road. It is one of Hurghada’s most well-known restaurants, specializing in both eastern and western cuisine.

You can go to Bourdain Restaurant and enjoy the traditional décor, which gives the location a distinct elegance, and then order whatever you want from the menu, whether it’s European food for a new experience or Oriental food if you don’t want to take risks while hungry.

South Beach Restaurant

The South Beach Restaurant is located on Hurghada’s Sheraton Road, 0.2 kilometres from the Eastern (Arabian) Desert.

South Beach Restaurant is known for being one of the most affordable restaurants in Hurghada, and it is known for serving a variety of different cuisines at the same time. If you compare this restaurant to other Hurghada eateries, this one serves the best pizza.

One of Lamkan’s most appealing features is its proximity to the beach, which allows tourists to partake in a special session in which they can dine in greater comfort and leisure. The location also has a lovely décor that contributes to a distinct level of excellence.

The location provides a variety of services, including event planning. The restaurant is also interested in hosting DJ parties and live music performances every week, making it one of Hurghada’s top restaurants to date, and it comes highly recommended.

Best of Aswan restaurants

Aswan is Upper Egypt’s major tourism destination. It has a distinct Nubian character and several major historical sites from many centuries, including the Pharaonic era, which contains the Philae Temple, which is one of the most famous.

Aswan is also a popular tourist destination in Egypt for foodies, thanks to its delectable traditional Nubian cuisine like Rashid and Jakob, as well as speciality drinks like the Aswani Kurkada. We feature a variety of well-known restaurants in this research.

Almasry Restaurant

Almasry Restaurant
Almasry Restaurant
One of the oldest and most well-known Aswan restaurants, established in 1958 AD and located on Airport Street in the country’s heart. In addition to the classic grilled meat meals like kebab and kofta, lentil soup, stuffed pigeon, and potato tray are available.

Dokka Restaurant

Dokka Restaurant
Dokka Restaurant
It is one of Aswan’s most well-known restaurants, with a fantastic setting on Elephantine Island amid the Nile River, surrounded by mountains and pharaonic ruins, making it an excellent place to relax, unwind, and take photographs, not just for eating.

Al-Dawka Restaurant serves a variety of delectable Nubian meals, as well as coffee and Aswani kiddarakia, one of the city’s most famous drinks.

Chef Khalil Restaurant

Chef Khalil Restaurant
Chef Khalil Restaurant
One of the top fish and seafood restaurants in Aswan, located in the country’s market district. The restaurant appears basic on the inside, yet it is known for its fresh Nile seafood dishes including tilapia and mullet with fragrant Aswan spices.

Fish tagines, grilled or fried fish are among the restaurant’s menu items.

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